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I would totally recommend Michelle for personal training. On top of being very motivational, she is also extremely knowledgeable, giving great personalised advice for identifying and strengthening weak spots. The sessions are always different and good fun - I really enjoy them. She is clearly someone who really cares about her clients and I often hear from her between my sessions to find out how I am getting on.

Gabby Marsden


Michelle is just great. Motivated, friendly and varies the workouts. Her style enables you to put in the most personal effort, gain the best results and feel great. Outdoors or by zoom, Michelle really connects with each and everyone, young or old and remains absolutely positive throughout. No shouting, no shaming just pure positive coaching.

Adrian Wigham


Michelle has been our lockdown saviour. Joining her online classes three times a week during lockdown has made the whole family (aged 10 to quite a bit older than 10!) much fitter and stronger than we were in January. Thank you Michelle!

Tracey Robbins

Testimonials: Testimonials

I have tried getting fit at the gym, running and at home but no luck, until I started training with Michelle. Her bootcamp/HIIT sessions are the best. She is a great trainer, lets you work at your own pace but also pushes and encourages you to do your best. Very knowledgeable and really motivating. I would highly recommend training with Michelle.



Absolutely brilliant PT. Great sessions, great energy, great variety and a few laughs thrown in for good measures! Would highly recommend any of her group or 1:1 sessions. Keep up the excellent work Michelle!!

... still not sure how you manage to also do the sessions whilst teaching and not be out of breath.

David Onyekwe


My husband and I joined Michelle's online classes a few months ago. The classes are varied covering a full body workout with fantastic results helping overall fitness and agility. Michelle's classes have all age groups joining in and she is able to adapt exercises to support all levels. She makes the classes fun with an easygoing nature so you never feel under pressure.

Kate Graham

Testimonials: Testimonials
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